John Deere Powertech “M” Turbocharged 4.5L with 80hp is a perfect match for the Linde® hydrostatic drive. The Tier III engine is equipped with grid heater and an overheat shut down device.

  • Type

    4 cylinders in-line

  • Gross power (@ 2500 rpm)

    80 HP (60 Kw)

  • Fuel tank capacity

    38 US gal. (144 l)

  • Hydraulic main tank capacity

    38 US gal. (144 l)


The Linde® Automotive control series hydrostatic pump and motor drive is the perfect match to give you the most efficient machine possible. The hydrostatic system include a high quality pressure filter to increase life expectancy.

Drive Axles

The Dana® drive with limited slip differential, Wet Disc Brake; Park & Service Brake Hydraulic Controlled.


The wet disc brakes are hydraulically actuated. The parking brake is spring applied and electro-hydraulically released.


The one-piece all steel welded construction makes a very rugged and rigid chassis. Wide and low profile frame provides a stable machine. Exceptional maintenance and service access, due to extra-wide hinged type hoods and removable covers, as well as sensible layout of major components and service points.


The two-stage mast is standard. The lift chains are of multiple-leaf construction with convenient adjustment points.

  • Hydraulic lift cylinders

    Two 2-3/4″

  • Hydraulic tilt cylinders

    Two 3-1/2″


The 48″ wide high-capacity pin type carriage is standard.


The pin-type forks are made from high-grade treated steel. They are pin mounted to allow for variable fork spread. The standard forks are 72” long by 4-3/4” wide and 1-3/4” thick. (Optional 84″ length available).

Hydraulic System

One gear type pump directly mounted on the hydrostatic pump. In-tank suction strainer and easy to replace tank top high
quality return filter ensure clean oil. The sectional control valve is easily accessible and is directly controlled. The sectional and direct link control valve system makes this system the most reliable system possible.

Steering System

Hydraulic system delivers constant oil flow to hydrostatic steering system for uniform steering response. The steering cylinder is a 3-1/2″. High strength link is connected directly to the steering spindles.


Front: 17.5 x 24 lug type; Rear: 12.00 x 16.5 lug type.

Operator’s Enclosure

The ergonomically designed operator enclosure features a complete instrument panel, a foot throttle, a forward and reverse shifter control, a main electric switch and an ergonomic seat with seat belt.

Complete instrument panel:

hour meter, engine temperature gauge, engine oil pressure gauge, fuel level gauge, voltmeter and air filter restriction indicator. The electrical system is protected by circuit breakers.

Standard accessories:

Electric horn, eight (4) LED working lights (2 whites and 2 reds), back up alarm.


  • Model: B260-H-D91B
  • Height: 91″
  • Length (without forks): 13′ 3″
  • Width: 84-1/4″
  • Approximate Weight: 15,500 lbs.
  • Basic Rated Capacity: 6,000 lbs. @ 24″ load center
Mast Dimensions
Lift Overall Height
Capability Lowered Raised
12' 103" 175"


Contact a sales rep today to discuss optional configurations to meet your specific needs.