CMC INDUSTIRES Automatic Turkey Harvester (TA-1000)

Bright Coop, Inc. is the exclusive dealer in the USA for the TA1000.



  1. Improved animal welfare
    • Birds are loaded in a natural, stress-free manner, with no direct contact from operators.
  2. Loading speed
    • Hens (20lb) from 2,300 to 3,300 birds per hour or approximately 20-30 tonnes (22 tons – 33 tons) per hour.
    • Toms (48lb) from 1,400 to 2,500 birds per hour or approximately 30-55 tonnes (33 tons – 60.5 tons) per hour.
  3. Better working conditions for employees
    • Easy to maneuver.
    • Significant reduction in physical labor.
  4. Reduction in labor costs
    • Requires only 5-6 crew members.
  5. Easy to transport
    • Towable over long distances with twin road tires.
  6. Easy to clean
    • Specifically designed to facilitate easy, quick and effective daily cleaning with only water and disinfectant.
  7. Flexibility
    • Loads cages up to the full width of the truck.
    • Can operate on uneven terrain.
  8. Durability
    • Stainless steel components, galvanized body.
  9. Straightforward maintenance
    • Clear and simple user manual, with explicit maintenance program outlined.
    • Manual includes specific component breakdowns with diagrams of all parts.
    • Easy access to core parts of the machine.
  10. Easy to use
    • Two hydraulic joysticks control the entire machine.