Welcome to the online home of Bright Coop, Inc.

Welcome to the online home of Bright Coop, Inc.

Bright Coop is more than just a manufacturer and dealer of poultry handling equipment. At Bright Coop we are always working diligently on innovative ideas and concepts to improve the way live poultry is handled for your business, just as we have done for over 70 years!

Chicken Handling Equipment

Coops built for long service life with Bird PROTECTION PLUS (+) Safety features, unloading systems that reduce bruising and wing damage, and trailers just for poultry

Chicken Equipment

Turkey Handling Equipment

Coops with our "Big Tom" doors, harvesters with "Walk-Em-In-Slide" allowing the birds to be driven right up to the coop doors, and super loads that result in less damage to the birds.

Turkey Equipment

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Bright Coop, Inc.
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