Bright’s Galvanized “Duck Cages” are hot-dipped in Prime Western Zinc which coats both the inside and outside of tubes. This finish provides for a 5 year guarantee against rust-out. Frames are constructed of 1″ x 1″ x .109 square tubing and 1″ x 2″ x .120 rectangular tubing for a  stronger and longer lasting Duck Cage. Bright ensures a stronger cage as welded wire partitions are welded to the cage frame’s upright and floor joists which duplicate a truss action thus providing added strength. Cages feature a fiberglass floor that is hand laid with a woven fiberglass matt and reinforced edges. Coops are mounted on the trailer with our “floating mount” design which eliminates stress cracks in the frames. Doors are “lift up and swing out” type allowing full door opening clearance for loading and unloading of birds.


Bright’s Galvanized Duck Cages come in 7 floor high or 8 floor high configurations.



Doors lift up and out to open. When doors are closed they can be secured by a hook which attaches the first door to the door above. A cable runs down the side of the trailer and is attached to the hook on the bottom door. The cable may be tensioned as to secure or “lock” the door closed.


Bright’s #1 Green hand rolled fiberglass with woven matting


Heavy-duty gauge wire with two horizontal rods for added strength. Available with center-aisle air spacing.




Optional tarp system is available. Tarps may be raised and lowered with either manual or electric controls.