Stackable coops are 65″ wide and can be 96″ or 102″ in length, and 16″, 18″ or 20″ high. Coop floors and top material are hand-laid woven fiberglass matting with reinforced edges. Coops can be “Hot Dipped” in “Prime Western Zinc” for a corrosion resistant galvanized finish. A standard load of coops is designed to fit on a 48′ trailer and contains eight stacks of five coops for a total standard load of forty coops.


Tube uprights are 2″ x 1″ tubing while the horizontal members are 1″ x 1″ tubing. All tubing wall thicknesses are .120 (11 gauge) for strength and durability. Our partitions are heavy duty gauge wire with four larger horizontal rods for added strength.


Standard coops have “Easy Clean” overhead doors on each end with two positive aluminum latches per door. The doorway opening is 18″ x 56″ in the 20″ high coop for easy loading and unloading. Doorway opening varies depending on coop height selection.

Floor and top

Coops floor and top are hand-laid woven   fiberglass with reinforced edges. Floor and top secured by wide angle hold downs, as well as stainless steel rivets on the top and in the doorway opening.


The galvanized finish is highly recommended by Bright Coop, Inc. to protect against corrosion. This finish supports a five year warranty against rust out. Galvanized coops have been dipped in “Prime Western Zinc” inside and out for extended life. There is also a non-galvanized option.


Standard 20″ x 102″ coops are 20″ overall height, 65″ overall width (including lifting lugs), and 102″ overall length. Our galvanized coop weighs approximately 364 pounds, while the approximate weight of the non-galvanized option is 340 pounds. Weight and dimensions vary depending upon height and length selection.


Coops can be stacked five or six high with eight stacks on a 48′ trailer or nine stacks on a 53′ trailer and are secured with Bright’s cage hooks and 4″ nylon straps with “D” ring.