Built for long service life with Bird Safety features built in, Bright’s PRO+ Roaster Cage includes all the features of the PRO+ Premium but is specifically designed for larger chickens (usually 6 lbs. or more)



Double Hollow extruded aluminum door with “huck” riveted galvanized door angles provides a wide, easy loading opening. Doors are pre-punched so they can be reversed. Door can be turned over and a new bracket bolted on to give longer door life. Made so galvanized hinge pins can be put in top or bottom of door when reversed. All door hardware is either galvanized or stainless steel for extended life. We use only “6036-T6” aircraft grade aluminum in our extruded doors.


Choice of Bright’s highly recommended #1 Green ARMT fiberglass with woven matting and reinforced edges, or white machine extruded acrylic fiberglass.


4 on the top (2 at each end) assures alignment and helps reduce cage shifting during transport


Top of partitions are welded to floor joist for added structural strength; Vertical partitions are standard at top and bottom on cage ends. Horizontal partition is still available on request.


3″ x 8″ x 11 ga. with 3″ x 3″ formed inserts welded into fork tubes for added strength.


All cage Securement devices are tested and rated at 3,000 lb Working Load Limit.

Bumper Plates

NEW One Piece bumper plates are standard at bottom to protect chickens and cages from fork damage. Old style bumper plates are still available upon request.


All front uprights are structural tubing: 1-1/2″ x 2″ x .120 wall thickness


Solid 20 gauge steel


Hot dip galvanized in Prime Western Zinc; 5 year guarantee against rust-out and Bright Coop’s Famous Fit and Finish protects your cage and its cargo for years to come.


Fork Tube
  • 3″ x 8″ x 3/16″ with or without inserts (adds approx. 78 lbs.)
  • Slotted bases – cut outs aid in cleaning of fork tubes. Two 2″ x 18″ cut out per fork tube.
  • Bright’s #1 green woven fiberglass with reinforced edges and metal wear tabs on ends.
  • White machine extruded chopped acrylic fiberglass
Floor Hold Downs
  • Additional floor hold downs may be added
Hook Hold Downs
  • Additional hook hold downs may be added
  • 2″ Channel uprights in lieu of 1-1/2″ x 2″ tubing uprights
  • Horizontal partitions in lieu of vertical
  • Expanded metal in lieu of solid top


Door Opening Height:
10-1/2″ +/- 1%

Inside Head Height
11-1/2″ +/- 1%

4 floors high x 2 doors
Dimensions: 47-3/4″ wide; 95-3/4″ long; 51″ tall plus nesting angles
Weight: 764 lbs. +/- 1%