Bright Coop, Inc.’s Super Loader has a “pick-up conveyor” that allows birds to be driven onto the loader from the end or either side. The conveyor remains in place while the loader moves up and down to the different coop levels, resulting in less damage to the birds. Conveyor: Fold-up pre-loader and intermediate belt that extends and contracts 46″ during the loading procedure. Lifting Cylinders: (2) equipped with a flow divider to assure a level loading position for coopers at all times.


Running Gear

8″ I-Beam with 2″ pipe crossmembers

Axles & Brakes

(2) 6,000 lb. rubber torsion axles with electric brakes

Tires & Wheels

235/75R x 16, 16 x 6.25 steel – 8 hole


Rubber mounted DOT Approved with sealed wiring harness

Landing Legs

(4) manual crank drop legs


Pulls from cooper’s end; uses either 2-5/16″ ball or Pintle eye hitch; tongue hydraulically retracts out of the way during loading operation.

Main Conveyor

Frame – 12″ channel; Lower sides – 1/8″ x 12″ smooth plate; Upper sides and top – expanded metal

Conveyor Belting

Galvanized woven wire belt

Cooper’s Platform

Self leveling during operation; platform folds with springs assist for transportation.

Pick-up Conveyor

6′ pick-up conveyor is level with ground and stationary during operation – Belting material PVC. Birds may be loaded from the end, sides or both at the same time.


Painted: standard color boxwood green (optional colors available).

Intermediate Conveyor

Extends and contracts 46″ during loading procedures – Woven wire galvanized belt


  • Hydraulic landing legs
  • Belting (call for options)
  • Corral boards (metal frame with fiberglass panels)
  • Bright’s Power Packs – Diesel, Electrical and Gasoline powered hydraulic units


  • Height: 114″
  • Length: (towing position): 30′ / (loading position): 38′
  • Width: 96″
  • Weight: 9,200 lbs. – 10,960 lbs.