Viking_logoBright Coop, Inc. is the authorized dealer for Viking Specialized Poultry Trailers.

The poultry special double drop is designed solely for the addition and use of a 3-wheel lift. The ability to haul cages and a lift makes this complete package a must have in the poultry industry. Capacity: 80,000 lb. GVWR.



24” Fabricated main beams with 2” camber, 1/2” x 6” top and bottom flanges in the rear portion of the trailer with 1/4” web welded on both sides. 1/2” x 6” Top flange and 5/8” x 5” bottom flange in the neck. All flange and web material is high strength steel.


4” x 3.2# Jr. I beam on 26” centers. Formed angles on top of the main beams and siderails serve as cage nesting devices and provide a 4-3/4” air space between the cages.


2” SAE kingpin, 3/8” kingpin plate, 36” kingpin setting (standard).


6” x 8.2# (Inverted) structural channel. Two nesting devices between each formed angle.


HUTCH® H9700T three point spring suspension with hi-arch heavy duty 3 leaf springs.


(2) 25,000 Lb., 5” round, 5/8” wall.


16-1/2” x 7”, Type 30/30 brake chambers, outboard drums, Meritor WABCO® (2S/1M) ABS on one axle.


8.25 x 22.5, Steel 10 hole disc; hub piloted (color: white).


11R x 22.5 Radials.

Landing gear

Our standard landing gear has a 2 speed gear with 62,500 lb. lift capacity; 200,000 lb. static capacity


Poultry special trailers are shotblasted and primed with zinc-rich primer and top coated with a high solid polyurethane paint. Colors: black, red or cat yellow (standard).


10 ga. Steel is standard over the kingpin and tandem areas only. This protects the axles and suspensions from debris, while keeping the weight of the trailer low.


7-Way main receptacle, sealed wiring harness, rubber mounted LED lights. 3 Lights per side including mid-turn (4 Light cornering system and back-up lights are available)


105” Tandem setting from the rear of the trailer with 49” axle spacing. Optional settings are available.


3/4” Tie bar located under the crossmembers running the full length of the trailer for chain and binder attachment.

Rear bumper

D.O.T. certified rear under ride guard/bumper and high visibility reflective conspicuity tape.

Lift kit

3-wheel lift transport kit


  • Air ride suspension
  • Front and rear bulkheads
  • Fully floored with 10 gauge steel
  • (22) 4″ Weld-on or bolt-on winches
  • Custom paint colors
  • Polished or machine finished aluminum wheels
  • D-rings
  • Improved stability system
  • Tire inflation system
  • Contact a sales representative for additional options to meet your specific needs.