Bright Coop E-Z Clean Turkey Harvesters are lighter, stronger, and easier to clean and maintain than ever before. More turkeys are loaded with Bright Coop Harvesters than all others combined. All Bright Harvesters are equipped with the “Walk-Em-In-Slide” which allows the entire pickup conveyor system to move up to coops leaving no space between coops and loader. Also available in an extended 24′ model.


Running Gear

6″ x 4: x 1/4″ structural tubing frame with 1-1/2″ pipe crossmembers and heavy-duty floor plate fenders.

Axles & Brakes

(2) 6,000 lb. Rubber Torsion Axles with Electric Brakes.

Tires & Wheels

235/85R16 Tires Mounted on 16 x 6.25 8-Hole Street Wheels.


Sealed wiring harness; rubber mounted DOT highway lights.

Landing Legs

(3) Hand-crank drop legs. Two located on Operator’s End and one located on pick-up end. Painted grey.


2-5/16″ Ball “Hammer” Hitch. Tongue swings away during operation. Painted grey.

Main Conveyor

12 x 10.6 lb. Channel Frame with E-Z Clean Web Design, 12″ Corrugated Metal (“Tuff Scuff”) and 1/2″ Flat Expanded Metal Enclosure

Conveyor Belting

Galvanized Wire Belt

Cooper’s Platform

Hydraulic, Self Leveling and Folding with Spring Assist for Transport

Pick-up Conveyor

Hydraulically Raised and Lowered – Includes 4′ PVC Belt and V-Guide Rollers with Separate Hydraulic Drive.


Hot Dipped Galvanized Main Frame and Running Gear

Corral Boards

1/2″ Exterior Plywood Painted grey.


  • 12′ Pre-Loader Complete
  • Hydraulic Landing Legs
  • House Loading Tongue
  • Fiberglass Corral Boards in Galvanized Metal Frames
  • Additional 4′ in Length
  • Powered Telescoping Tongue (Extended Length Harvester Only)
  • Pintle Hitch
  • Painted Main Frame and Running Gear
  • PVC and Intralox Belt Options
  • Bright Power Units – Kubota Diesel 21.5 HP (Water Cooled with Hood) or 5 HP Electric


  • Maximum Loading Height: 144″
  • Towing Height: 80″
  • Cooper’s Platform Height: 109″
  • Overall Length (including tongue): 27′-10″ for standard model and 35′ for extended model.
  • Weight: 7,440 lbs. +/- 3%